Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

Here at the Ideal Wine Company, we’re celebrating National Drink Wine Day!

Every occasion  

Not that you need a single day dedicated to drinking your favourite tipple, this can be an added bonus to your routine – after all, it’s also #ThirstyThursday! Wine is a beautifully complex drink and there are so many varieties; red, white, rose, sparkling, fortified etc. You’re sure to find a wine for every special occasion in your life!

National Drink Wine Day

But if there’s any day of the year you should specifically set aside to pour a glass or two of vino, let it be today a.k.a. National Drink Wine Day! The purpose of this special occasion is to spread the love and health benefits of wine across the world, so what better way to mark it than with a glass or two of the good stuff!

It’s technically an American holiday, but increasingly us Brits are coming to embrace the magical occasion that is National Drink Wine Day. For instance, Metro wrote an article suggesting that we use this day to celebrate our national heritage and sample a few bottles of English sparkling wine!

Look online

Meanwhile, National Drink Wine Day is making a huge splash online as we speak. There’s a Facebook Page dedicated to the event and it’s already amassed over thirty thousand likes. If you want to get involved in National Drink Wine Day we suggest you check it out. The page features a tonne of tips on how you can have fun with wine to give yourself the drinking experience of a lifetime.

Also, National Drink Wine hasn’t failed to catch the attention of the Twitter-verse! We’d suggest that if you want to see how wine enthusiasts around the world are marking this wonderful day you check out the hash tag #NationalDrinkWineDay. You might find a few marvellous ideas you can use to get in the spirit of this most special of days!

Celebrate with us

So how should you celebrate National Drink Wine Day? We’d suggest you pour yourself a glass of Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT 1990, a robust Italian red sold by the Ideal Wine Company. If you don’t have this bottle buy it now. It may be too late to purchase it for National Drink Wine Day but as we’ve previously suggested, you don’t need just one day a year to indulge in your favourite tipple!


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