Can Red Wine Help Prevent Cancer?

A report has been released this week suggesting that an ingredient in red wine can actually help prevent cancer. What does this mean about the health benefits of red wine?

At the Ideal Wine Company we’ve known about the major health benefits of red wine ever since we first went into business. It has a variety of ant-oxidants in it and anti-oxidants are amazingly useful in the maintaining of your health. Among other things they help regulate heart health.

However even we stopped short of thinking that red wine could help prevent cancer. However clearly some experts in a lab somewhere didn’t think that way as results from an experiment have been released suggesting that ingredients found in red wine and aspirin can help prevent cancer.

The Belfast Telegraph reported this week that an ingredient found in both red wine and aspirin may be able to deliver a knockout blow to the abnormal cells in the body that can lead to cancer.

They specifically help to destroy ‘tetraploid’ cells that contain multiple copies of chromosomes, the packages of DNA and protein containing genetic codes. This was discovered by an experiment Dr Guido Kroemer, from the Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif, France, undertook that involved genetically modifying rats to have bowel cancer, and seeing how many abnormal cells they had in their bodies after having their guts injected with red wine and aspirin.

Dr. Guido Cromer wrote about the discovery in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal. The doctor wrote that “collectively, our results suggest that the chemopreventive action of resveratrol and aspirin involves the elimination of tetraploid cancer cell precursors.”

Resveratrol is the substance that is found in red wine and it is known to have a whole host of health benefits. We really don’t know what this discovery means, it could mean something and it could mean nothing. However considering the lack of luck society has had when it comes to breakthrough cancer treatments, the potential here is enormous.

Whilst we don’t know what this potential discovery means yet, we do know that it underscores the idea that red wine is something that we can use to maintain our health.

This is why at the Ideal Wine Company we really would encourage you to have two glasses of red wine a day.  If this potential discovery has reminded us of anything it’s that luxury red wine can really help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and live a happier life for longer.


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