Why do Britons prefer buying wine online?

New figures have shown that the practise of buying wine online continued to prove popular among British consumers throughout 2015.

Buying wine online

Recently, the first ever Millennial 20/20 Summit, an event which explored how companies can market to consumers aged 18-35, was held in London. At this event, experts revealed that globally, millennials have a combined buying power of US$200bn, suggesting that business’ can tap into this lucrative consumer base by engaging with this audience online.

But as digital technologies have advanced, the practise of buying wine online has become really popular in the UK. The Global Wine Quarterly Q4 Report from Rabobank, suggests that British online wine sales expanded by 11% during the first quarter of 2015, indicating that UK consumers are increasingly using the internet to execute wine purchases.

Figures for 2015

According to The Drinks Business, an industry publication, online UK wine sales topped £800 million (m) last year, indicating that these purchases now represent 11% of the nation’s wine market. A survey conducted by Wine Intelligence, found that 7.4m (25%) of the UK’s 29.6m wine drinkers ordered vintages online last year, spending an average of £7 per bottle.

The study went on to predict the future trajectory of the UK online wine sector. Figures suggest that the UK internet wine sales’ share of the overall market will expand to 14% during the next three years. Furthermore according to Wine Intelligence, the number of people who search for information on wine via the internet has grown by 28%, to 17.2m in the past five years.

Meanwhile within the same period, the number of consumers posting about wine online or discussing wine on the internet nearly doubled. Discussing why buying wine has become so popular in the UK, Wine Intelligence said that UK online wine purchasers are often younger i.e. millennials and possess an above average interest in our favourite tipple.

Buying with Ideal Wine Company

According to Wine Intelligence’s research, what British online wine buyers appreciate most about purchasing bottles on the internet is how convenient this practise can be.  As a first-rate online wine service, at Ideal Wine Company we ensure buying wines online with us is as convenient as possible.

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