Brangelina Enter the Wine Market

We’ve heard it all now. The Hollywood juggernaut also known as Brangelina have entered the wine market. The Ideal Wine Company asks; how did Brangelina fair when they turned their hand to winemaking?

The world loves you Brangelina!

If you haven’t heard of Brangelina a.k.a Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie, you’ve obviously been living under a rock. They’re the Hollywood super couple who have taken the glitzy world of celebrity by storm since they became an item in the aftermath of Brad’s messy split with Jennifer Aniston.

The world has a lot of reasons to love Brangelina. Separately, they’re consummate actors; their list of vaunted silver screen credits is too numerous to count. Together they’re known as two of tinsel towns most prolific philanthropists. There’s pretty much no challenge the combined power of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can’t win.

Brangelina purchase Miraval winery

However we thought there were certain limits to the abilities of Hollywood’s most famous couple. We thought one of those limits was winemaking. How oh so wrong we were. The Telegraph has reported that Brangelina have started selling their own wine in Marks & Spencer (M&S).

Let’s backtrack. The Hollywood elites bought the Miraval winemaking estate in Provence, France, for an estimated $60 million. Miraval was already known for the quality of its rose vintages. They capitalised on the reputation of their new product by making 900 bottles of 2012 Miraval Rose available in the UK; they sold out quicker than Beyoncé tickets circa Sasha Fierce. Now the 2014 vintage is being stocked in select M&S stores for £18 per bottle.

A legitimate wine  

Why? As it turns out the Miraval Rose 2014 is a pretty outstanding product. M&S describes it as an “intriguing pale pink rose with strawberry, white pear and floral aromas” which boasts flavours of tangerine, wild herb and summer berry. Experts gave the flavourful vintage rave reviews.

Assessing the vintage for Vanity Fair, vintner Joe Bastianich best summed up the view of the wine expert community. He said: “The classic traps of celebrity vintners don’t apply. They’re not celebrity vintners; Brad and Angelina are real vintners. They hired a real wine-maker (French winemaker Marc Perrin), they waited until the wine was good, they released it properly—this is a legitimate wine.”

Buy quality wines from the Ideal Wine Company

So apparently Brangelina really can make wine and more to the point, they can produce a quality product. Yet it’s only available in limited quantities. If you want to try another quality wine come to the Ideal Wine Company. We have a range of outstanding vintages for you to choose from that you can buy for a price that won’t hurt your pocketbook.


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