Best and Worst Wines for Christmas

The Christmas season is approaching and all of us at the Ideal Wine Company can’t wait. We’ve already strung up the decorations in the office and we’re ready and waiting to welcome in the season. Christmas really is the perfect time to crack open a bottle of wine isn’t it? The family is all around and you get the chance to relax and let loose as you celebrate the holidays and take a little time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. At this time of year you need something to break the ice with all the relatives you’ve not seen for months and the co-workers you haven’t had a proper conversation with ever.

However it’s easier said than done when it comes to matching the wine to the occasion. There are so many different types of occasion in the Christmas season. You need a good bottle of wine for that it’s hard to know which type of wine goes with which occasion. At the Ideal Wine Company we know wine; we know it inside out and back to front. That is why we’re the perfect company to turn to when you are trying to figure out which wine to pair with which Christmas occasion.


Office Christmas Party: Considering that this is a night where you are standing around and talking to people you barely know most of the time you’ll want something light. This is because you don’t want to feel heavy and tired on a night designed for unofficial networking. In this instance you want to go for either a dry white or a classic rose. These wines are light enough to enjoy and not feel as though you want to take a nap half way through the night.


Christmas Dinner: For Christmas dinner you’ll ultimately want something to compliment the food; after all when you have a glass of wine with dinner it can either make or break the meal. For your traditional Christmas dinner; turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings you’ll probably want to go for a nice bottle of red. It will probably be something in the Pinot Noir region. This is not too heavy but heavy enough to lend a nice complimentary touch to the turkey and stuffing.


New Year’s Eve: Not technically Christmas but still a part of the festivities. New Year’s Eve is a time of new beginnings and celebration. That’s why it’s best to go the extra mile and buy a bottle of vintage champagne. It’s not so heavy that you’ll fall asleep before the clock hits midnight but the bubbles add a special touch to the event.


Reunions: Christmas is often the time when you get the chance to catch up with friends that you haven’t had achance to talk to in years. You need to make sure you can last through the night. Dry white wine is the only way to go; especially when you’re meeting up in a bar.


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