A glass of red wine better than an hour at the gym?

Is a glass of red wine better than an hour the gym? This week, Ideal Wine Company was pleasantly surprised by the results of a new study from Canadian researchers that found that an hour at the gym may be equally as beneficial health-wise as a glass of red wine.

The Spartan secret?

It’s definitely not the first time Ideal Wine Company has blogged about the supposed health benefits of red wine. However, we were still surprised to hear the findings of this new study that is sure to delight millions of oenophiles the globe over.

The ‘miracle’ toxin found in red wine – resveratrol – is thought to have the ability to improve physical function, muscle strength and heart function. It is perhaps unsurprising to learn then that the Spartans were regular enjoyers of red wine.

Professor Milos Taborsky of Palacky University in the Czech Republic, has suggested that the benefits of wine are only felt by those who exercised regularly. This hypothesis would go some way to explaining the secret of the Spartans. Evidence a glass of red with is better than an hour at the gym?

However, the study did highlight that the benefits of findings are negated by drinking more than one ordinary sized glass.

Resveratrol: what’s the truth behind it?

There is currently a fierce debate raging about the extent of the benefits of resveratrol. The BBC has reported that its benefits have been ‘overstated’.

The British Heart Foundation is also undertaking its own resveratrol study although the results of this have yet to be announced.

According to the BBC, Professor Roger Corder has argued that there is little evidence to support the health benefit theories. He suggested however, that certain wines were better than others and that moderation is important.

Our final thoughts…

We at Ideal Wine Company are fascinated by the new studies emerging about wine. However we aren’t sure what to believe at the moment.

What we do know is that as time goes on, our understanding of the intricate scientific complexities of wine will be enhanced. This will hopefully provide us with some definitive answers to the burning question of the health benefits of wine.






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